Maximize your sales with accurate Meta-Tags.

Our meta-tagging technician listens for specific components of the music and organizes the music accordingly. We group similar songs together based on a variety of factors, and your clients can sort through your catalog to find exactly what they need.

AudioTagTeam will prepare your catalog for use in ProTools, Avid, Final Cut Pro, or iTunes as well as any custom web-based interface you company might use. While our services are customized based on each client’s needs, some of our standard services include: Creating industry – specific keywords and descriptions that are customizable for your catalog and designed to sell your music; Reviewing any existing meta data and re-organizing it as needed; Configuring your artwork so it is tied to the music properly and has the proper tags; Converting CDs to digital format; Working with you to create and optimize appropriate categories and catalog layout.

We can also work with your current tagging procedures to create a system that is consistent. Here are some examples of what the AudioTagTeam experts listen for when analyzing tracks:



Sub-Category 1:

Sub-Category 2:



Descriptive Keywords:




Key Signature:


Similar Artists/Songs: