AudioTagTeam leads the way in Meta-Tagging and other digital music services.

About The Company

Production music has changed in incredible ways. No longer is it good enough to just deliver the music itself. It now needs to be digitally embedded with metadata to use for easy organization and lookup. If you are not providing your music with this information in place, you are falling behind the competition. At AudioTagTeam, we will keep you ahead of the competition by making sure all of your music is completely populated with information and ready to be delivered to your waiting clients.

AudioTagTeam is a service that sound libraries and music licensing companies use to help their clients find the right music quickly and easily. Our Meta-Tagging Technicians have the needed knowledge and experience to make sure that each audio file is complete with information and ready to go. The music industry changes fast, and our service will ensure you remain right there on the cutting edge.

At AudioTagTeam, we are committed to earning your trust and we pride ourselves on exceeding your expectations. Simply put, we help you succeed in the digital music industry.

About The Team

No matter how technologically advanced our world becomes, there will always be the need for the human element. Our meta tagging technicians are talented in listening for a variety of elements including: Genre, Sub Genre, Tempo, Instrumentation, Vocal Qualities, Rhythmic Complexity, Harmony, Production Quality, and others. We understand that if this job is not done accurately, it may as well not be done at all. The team of technicians we employ all hold music degrees and are well-trained in the art of meta tagging music.

If you would like AudioTagTeam to grow your company’s potential and keep you on the fast track to success, contact us today. Whether you are a large company with thousands of files to be tagged, or a composer who wants to free up more time there isn’t a need we can’t serve. The music world isn’t slowing down anytime soon – join forces with AudioTagTeam to give yourself the advantage you need.